The Water Man

The Water Man

My friends call me “The Water Man” because I am passionate about water. How did this passion start?

All my life, I’ve loved Nature. I was fortunate from the age of six to have a large 5-acre garden as my territory, with wonderful birdlife. I was also drawn very much to wild places, often walking or running on the Scottish hills.

When stationed at the Fort George barracks near Inverness I used to go the High Kirk. I got to know well the minister who had a bothy in the Cairngorms. Once he took me walking in those lovely hills and declaimed passionately about how sacred Nature is the mirror of God. I realised that I knew this in my heart.

In 1979 I published Living Water, an introduction to Viktor Schauberger’s life and his penetrating research into the energies of water. He was known as “the Water Wizard” because he was able to implement incredible power with imploded waterfrom the vortex .

Schauberger came from a long line of forest wardens in the virgin Austrian Alpine forests. He refused to go to university, believing that an academic education would obstruct his intuitive learning. He wanted to learn directly from Nature; he listened to the stream telling him what it needed to be healthy.

Living Water received enthusiastic reviews and, considering it is hard to sell serious non-fiction books these days, it is still sells. I sent a copy of the book to Prince Charles suggesting chapters which might interest him, together with The Schauberger Keys. To my delight, he responded enthusiastically and asked me to tea at Highgrove that Christmas to talk about Schauberger’s ideas.

Viktor Schauberger had a quantum physics worldview before the term came to be used. He believed that, not only was water sacred, but that it had consciousness as well as meaning and purpose. While accepting that water is essential for life, mainstream reductionist scientists believe that water is merely a substance in which certain chemical reactions take place; subtle energies do not come into their radar.

There is a new breed of quantum biologists like Mae-Wan Ho and Gerald Pollack researching the properties of water in the creation, maintenance, and evolution of life. They have focused on the extra-cellular structure of water, finding it is made up of liquid crystals that facilitate instant communication across the organism. What fascinates me is to learn about water’s role in bringing, not only nourishment to all of life, but also the information required for the balancing and maintenance of life and for its evolution.

Some quantum biologists have come to the conclusion that water is the servant of cosmic purposes, acting with a degree of consciousness to organise water, which in turn brings consciousness and order to organisms.

Callum Coats contacted me when he heard I was publishing Living Water. He had been working with Viktor Schauberger’s son Walter for several years, translating Viktor’s writings – his correspondence, magazine articles and small books. He was now editing them in a vast manuscript. He had also written a long account of Viktor Schauberger’s research and ideas.

I contracted to publish his book as Living Energies. It took him over 15 years to complete it. Being educated partly in Germany, Callum’s writing style is a bit technical, but he agreed to some editing. I also contracted to publish his collection of Schauberger’s own writing, but he would not agree to use idiomatic English in case it changed the meaning of the original German. Nevertheless, we worked hard together arranging this material into four separate volumes by theme; publishing the text in one volume alone would have been too cumbersome. Four years after the publication of Living Energies, the last of this Eco-technology series came out.

During that time I learned much about Schauberger’s worldview and his understanding of Nature. Although Callum’s book was well received, many people were finding it quite technical. With Callum’s agreement, I decided to write Hidden Nature, the Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger, my own more accessible book about Schauberger’s research, based largely on Living Energies, using his excellent illustrations.

Living Energies sold well, because my enthusiasm for it helped its marketing. We sold some 12,000 copies in three years before I passed on most of the titles to Gill Macmillan of Dublin. Since then its sales have been quite disappointing, because they don’t really understand the book. At this moment of writing, Gill Macmillan is converting the four-volume Eco-technology series into e-books, which will put the volumes out of print. Hopefully Living Energies will continue as a book for a time.

There is a great interest in Schauberger’s ideas, mostly because of the remarkable machines he developed which use imploded energy to produce a lot of power: for propelling vehicles, and for space heating and cooling, and for making living water. I would wish to see more interest shown in Viktor’s worldview and in his appeal for more of us to reconnect with Nature.

We decided to market water re-energising and restructuring products inspired by Schauberger in Sulis Health. The popular Living Water Vortex Jug is imported from Denmark. The Double-Eggs Vortexer we import from Germany. It was invented and is produced by an anthroposophical engineer. It is a beautiful experience to make the vortices in alternating directions, to produce living water.

The third one is a German invention, the Aqua-Vortex Funnel which spirals water through a silver spiral in a funnel. This works at a much lower energy level than the other two. In 2014 I started to promote greater awareness of the importance of water treatment. We had been selling excellent water filters for some years and now we had the vortex devices to transform the clean water into living water, raising its energy through the structure of the spinning vortex.

#My original impulse, when I launched the Turnstone Press in 1971, was to publish books which reconciled science and spirituality. Some, on healing and dowsing acknowledged this intention. However it was not until I launched Schauberger that the wish was fully realised. As a pioneer of quantum science, it was inevitable that his insights would bridge the two.

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