The Old or the New Biology


The Old Biology:

  • The mechanisms of our physical body can be understood by dissecting cells down to their building blocks (reductionism).
  • The linear flow of information is one-way — from DNA (long-term memory) to RNA (template for synthesising protein) to protein.
  • Our genes are fixed — we are lucky to have good genes, and unlucky if we don’t. It’s a chancy business! All characteristics are passed down by our genes; we cannot pass on any influences experienced in our lifetime.
  • Watson & Crick proposed that DNA controls its own replication and serves as the blueprint for the body’s proteins. DNA ‘rules’, according to the Central Dogma.
  • The primacy of DNA provides the logic for the Age of Genetic Determinism.
  • The Human Genome Project spent billions on the assumption that our biology is controlled by our genes. Only 25,000 genes were discovered — one sixth of what was expected, no more than a humble worm possesses (it was a very poor investment).
  •  The New Biology:
  • The New Biology emphasises that coherence on all levels, cellular, molecular, atomic, and organic governs all life processes.
  • Quantum physics with its view of the interconnections between all life forms now demonstrates that our DNA is controlled from signals outside the cells, including our personal ‘scripts’, messages from positive and negative thoughts, from the environment and from the experiences of the whole organism.
  • The chief implication of this is that, as organisms, we can choose to influence our own evolution because our thoughts and experiences strongly influence our futures. ‘Mind Over Matter’ is a reality! People’s lives are frequently stunted or destroyed through holding onto false or disempowering beliefs. Epigenetics is often called ‘The Science of Self-Empowerment’.
  • The flow of information is multi-directional — a complex network of paths created by resonance interactions (each on its own wavelength). The New Biology is superbly holistic.
  • To quote Bruce Lipton: “Biomedicine doesn’t recognise the massive complexity of inter-communication between physical parts and the energy field that make up the whole. Cellular constituents are woven into a complex web of crosstalk, feedback and feed-forward communication loops. A biological dysfunction may arise from a miscommunication* along any of the routes of information flow.”
  •                                              *(i.e. the cause of iatrogenic illness)


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