The Earth as Sacred

The Earth is Sacred and She is our Mother, by Alick Bartholomew

Human societies have for long believed Nature to be the mirror of the Divine — God, the Supreme Consciousness, The-All-Thrat-Is. If Nature is imbued with the Divine, she must be omniscient on Earth. Man’s greatest sin has been to place himself above Nature who has requirements of her subjects.

The supreme law is that everything on Earth is interconnected and interdependent,. Every event affects all life in its environment, locally for a small event, and globally for a very large event.

Another law is that none of the vital processes governing the creation of life can be understood from a purely material perspective (the 3rd dimensional aspect of contemporary science). Nature’s processes operate at subtler and more rarefied levels (the energy domains of the 4th & 5th dimensions, which are off the radar of conventional science. As Viktor Schauberger, the great environmentalist, constantly reminds us , “we need to think an octave higher”.

An essential condition of Nature’s evolutionary process is the need for balance — balance between species, between energies and environments. Nature strives for balance between active polarities, for she is never at rest. Yin and yang, negative and positive, feminine and masculine are always fluctuating in Nature’s processes. For creative evolution to proceed, all processes should be weighted towards the yin or feminine.

For the last three thousand years, and increasingly in the last centuries, human society has been out of balance, operating in a predominantly masculine mode. There should be this form of weighted balance between chaos and order, egoism and altruism, quantity and quality (the last a particular confusion of our present culture).

  • The supreme consciousness (or God) has endowed higher sentient beings with a need for meaning, without which human beings have difficulty in striving creatively. Schauberger pointed out that the extraordinary fecundity of Nature, as indeed all her processes, are endowed with both purpose and meaning. While purpose is like a community of bees at work, meaning lies in the one-ness, the unity, of all creation.
  • Life forms respond to each other by means of resonance – ‘Gaia’s glue’. It is the language of communication and response. Resonance is what holds Nature together; it is the law of attraction, bringing the lichen to the rock, the orchid to the tree, the butterfly to the buddleia. The quality of life is supported by the its vibrational energy. When this energy is compromised, the result is environmental decline.
  • All life is in motion, the quality of the movement determining whether a process is life-enhancing or for breaking down or recycling. Temperature is Nature’s catalyst: small changes in temperature, and whether falling or rising, also determines quality – enhancement or degeneration.
  • Water is a living organism; Schauberger called it “the blood of the Earth”. It is the medium that supports, maintains and regulates life. Natural forests are the cradle of high quality water; loss of forest means loss of water. Our failure to understand the need to protect the quality of water is the principle cause of environmental degradation on this planet.
  • Schauberger predicted that modern human cultures’ destruction of the creative energies of Nature would result in greater violence and depravity    in society. If we were to heed what she requires of us, we would witness a reversal of this observable deterioration of human society and a gradual coming back into balance of a humanity that would then be able to live in tune with Nature.
  • There is no morality in Nature, whose evolutionary imperative is part of the Divine Master Plan of creation. Similarly, Nature’s cosmic face, Gaia, is required by the Plan to ensure the most favourable environment for life on Earth, despite the Sun’s inconsistent output of energy.
  • The Divine experiment to grant humans free will, self-reflection and    a moral sensibility seems to have required periodic visitations by emissaries of the Supreme Intelligence to keep us from straying too far from a path of moral rectitude.enhance or degrade the quality of organisms. Schauberger’s insights into how Nature works are essential to show us where we have gone wrong and to indicate the way ahead. “How else should it be done?”, he was often asked. His answer was straightforward and uncompromising — “Exactly the opposite way that it is done today!”
  • Passionate about trees, he warned that deforestation would deplete the world of water and destroy fertility, causing deserts and climatic chaos. He developed implosion technology that produced prodigious amounts of sustainable energy, with no waste, pollution or damage to Earth’s fragile ecosystems.
  • Viktor Schauberger was a genius whose ideas were far ahead of his time.    He was known as ‘the water Wizard’ because of his insights into the most important life-giving and energy-empowering substance on the planet. Water is like a magnetic tape; it can carry information that may either

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