The Story of Water

The Story of Water

Source of Life
(UK Edition)

A Summary of Salient Themes

Its Power & Purpose
(US Edition)

This breakthrough book recounts the extraordinary role of water in creating and sustaining life. How it stimulates evolution and balances the environment, constantly encouraging greater complexity, interdependence and integrity in all of creation.Part I of this comprehensive book deals with water’s origins, its basic qualities, and the all-important cycles it performs in the atmosphere, on the Earth’s surface and the interior, in plants and other living organisms, and especially in the human body. Much of this is known to mainstream science.

Part II examines water’s qualities as an organism with biology’s new quantum view of how water is able to perform its complex roles in communication, balancing energies, storing information. It examines the challenge of holism and evolution, with a summary of the effects of climate change on water supplies.

Its themes include: Mae-Wan Ho’s research into the long-range order or coherence of water & Martin Chaplin’s on the importance of biological cell water and its two states; Viktor Schauberger’s discovery of the importance of vortexical movement of water; Theodor Schwenk’s evidence for how water conveys cosmic patterns to life forms; Jacques Beneviste’s evidence for memory in water; Cleve Backster’s research into biocommunication, andMasaru Emoto’s for its sensitivity to the emotions, music and pollution.

A wide range of other aspects of water are discussed: dowsing, planting by the Moon, water birthing, water as an engine fuel, why the best surfers are mystics, evolutionary theories, how planetary movements affect bud growth, trees as biocondensers of energy, what’s so special about biodiversity – and many more!

Part III includes practical material on the causes and likely outcome of the coming world crisis with water, and a study of some of the solutions. Much information is given on how to access the best quality of living water for our health, and various water treatments; the perils of bottled and distilled water, etc.

The book shows, in the simple language of holistic science, how water’s role as the stage manager of life is really a partnership (as co-creator) with the field of quantum energy (which some call “the God field”) that surrounds us.

UK pub. Floris Books: ISBN: 978-086315-38-7; p/b price £12.99. 336pp, 235x165mm [9″ x 6″]; 8pp colour, 27 b&w illus:

US pub. (24 Nov 2010) Inner Traditions: ISBN: 1-59477-360-2; p/b price $19.95 (£12.99) 368pp, [9″ x 6″], 16pp colour, 27 b&w illus.

Note: The US ed. is more up to date, more colour illustrations and the information notes are boxed on the text page, rather that at the back of the book as in the UK ed.

See Resurgence magazine Winter 2010 review

 The Story of Water £12.99 (US $19.95) + p&p
 The Spiritual Life of Water £12.99 (US $19.95) + p&p
 The Story of Water & The Water Keys: £14.50 (US $22.50) + p&p
 The Spiritual Life of Water & The Water Keys: £14.50 (US $22.50) + p&p


Why This Book Is Important

You will know that one of the surprising discoveries made by quantum physics is that space is not empty, but filled with energy; it is called the quantum energy field. The quantum physics pioneers didn’t realise that this was known by cultures as early as the Vedic, 3,000 years ago; it also resonates with the prana of Hindu metaphysics.

Physicists in our time, e.g David Bohm and Fritjof Capra, have made the link between the quantum field and the ancients’ idea that ‘all is one’ — everything is inter-connected and, indeed, inter-dependent. J.W.von Goethe (1749–1832) was the first to make the distinction between the newly emerging reductionist world view and the traditional nature-centred view that he called the ‘holistic’.

So what is the function of the quantum field? Rudolf Steiner and his interpreter Theodor Schwenk believed it is the encoded data bank of the information required for evolution to proceed. I have accepted this as a viable hypothesis, and have built on it using the age-old concepts of yin/yang balance. Esotericists and scientists alike have used the idea that action, movement and evolution proceed along a pathway of alternating attraction between positive and negative forces. You might call it ‘the electromagnetic principle’ which is the driving force of life.

While there are as yet few ideas on how this information is communicated by the quantum field, fascinating research has been done in recent years on the quantum, or subtle energy levels of water which demonstrates that, in higher energy dimensions, water has an important role in communication between life forms, from the cellular to the organic. The radical hypothesis I present in the book is that water and the quantum field are partners in the communication of energy to life, the quantum field with a yang polarity and the water domain with a yin.

Quantum biology research has demonstrated extraordinary qualities and anomalies which make water the perfect vehicle for stimulating the evolution of higher levels of order, in sophistication, in biodiversity and in the complexity of inter-dependencies. Many chemists say that it is the asymmetry of the water molecule that allows it to perform its life-creation role. Apparently life depends on the curious structures and anomalous nature of water.

In its evolutionary role water’s functions include the creation of optimum climates, building soil and fertility; breaking down and dissolving substances into their constituent parts. From the atmosphere it takes nitrogen, oxygen and CO2, while from rocks it absorbs potassium, sodium, calcium etc. It is constantly moving around the building blocks of life, taking from one source and depositing them elsewhere for new growth, in a fortuitous manner which can hardly be accidental.

Water is an essential part of metabolic processes in the body and DNA depends on it. Water is essential to photosynthesis. The common denominator of all living systems, it performs many well-attested, complex roles in the maintenance, health & nutrition of all organisms.

Water has a memory. It can store dynamic energy, and through restructuring is able to carry more complex information from the Earth and the Cosmos which, as Nature’s manager, it imparts to organisms. It receives cosmic information from the quantum field.

When moving correctly, water is self-organising and self-purifying. It behaves as though it had consciousness. Water is generally associated with the more complex states of awareness ― emotional, intuitive, creative, qualitative, etc. It is appropriate, therefore, that water should be the medium for theircommunication.

Water’s fundamental property is that of holism, which is the principle that gives meaning and purpose to life. So life is no longer seen as an accidental, mechanical process, but an integrated and dynamic journey towards higher consciousness. Every action has consequences. There are, indeed, natural laws which we deny at our peril. Water follows these laws. It is a great inspiration and a marvellous teacher.

Unless we can understand water’s true role in life and in evolution and learn the lessons water freely offers, how can we hope, as a species, to survive?



Alick Bartholomew – 30pp. 5 illus. £3.00

Some salient points from themes in The Story of Water, intended as an aide-memoire or a landscape view.Headings:

Water & experience;
Properties & characteristics of water;
Resonance & sensitivity;
Water’s cosmic nature; Schauberger’s insights;
The water cycles; Polarity;
Turbulence, chaos, fractals & the vortex;
Quantum water;
Water & communication;
New biology & memory;
Holism & water’s purpose;
Environmental issues & climate change;
What water can teach us.

 £3.00 (US $5.00) + p&p
 4 copies – £9.50 (US $14.00) + p&p


Still Water Meditation
Foreword by Chris Weedon
Introduction: Machine Univ; Yin/Yang Balance; Polarisation of science; Water energy; Quantum field; Meaning.

Part I: Our Usual View of Water

1. The Importance of Water: The Inspiration of Water; Water as facilitator & stage manager; How we Regard Water; Listening to the Stream; The Sea Shore.

2. The Cosmos & the Solar System: Water in Universe; Water in Solar System; Earth-Moon System; Water & Evolution; Moon’s tides; Earth as Organism; 90% of life is in the Ocean.

3. Characteristics of Water: Water’s Structure; Two States of Water; Water as a Solvent; An Anomalous Substance; Properties of Water; Intelligence of Water; Coherence. 

4. The Blood of the Earth: Water Planet; Water Distribution; Lakes, Ice & Glaciers; Water’s Memory.

5. The Great Water Cycles: The Aerial Ocean; The Atmosphere; Climates; Weather; Clouds; Atmospheric Circulation; Terrestrial Water Cycle; Hydrological Cycles.

6. Springs & Rivers: Formation of Springs; Rivers & How they Flow; Formation of Vortices and Bends; Hydrological Cycles; Temperature Gradients & Nutrient Supply.

7. Water in the Body: Biological Water; Cellular water; Blood; Bottled water; Water birthing; Urine Therapy.

8. Water Circulation in Plants:Photosynthesis; Evolution of the Forest; Rainforests; Water Creation; Destruction of the Forests; Monoculture; Biodiversity; Soil Nutrition.

9. The Evolutionary Controversy: Genetic Challenge to Neo-Darwinism; Epigenetics; The cells; Old/New biology; ‘Purposeful evolution’? Consciousness & coherence.

10. The Water Wizard: Schauberger on water; Motion, Temperature, Polarity; Water’s Memory.

Part II: Water as the Source of Life 

11. Organisms & Quantum Water:Quantum Field & Ether; Metaphysical science; Quantum Coherence; Mae-Wan Ho; Biological. Water; Interfacial Water & Skin; Two states water.

12. Spirals, the Vortex & the Etheric: Self-organising Systems; Turbulence & Chaos; The Vortex; Eggs & Vortices; Flowforms.

13. Water’s Cosmic Role: Cosmic Connection; Resonance; Sacred geometry; Templates for Organic Growth & Evolution; Theodor Schwenk; Planting by the Moon.

14. Water as a Communication Channel:Dowsing; Cleve Backster’s Biocommunication; Quantum Entanglement.

15. The Memory of Water: Fractals; Memory or Recording? Information Storage; Homeopathy & Jacques Benveniste; Masaru Emoto’s philosophy & research.

Part III: Facing the Water Crisis

16How we Treat Water: Dwindling Water Supplies; Water for profit; Modern Water Treatments; Water Pollution; Water Storage; Earth Healing; Holy Water.

17. Water & Climate Change:Economic/Political Instability; The Population Bomb; Water under Stress; Changes in Rainfall Distribution & Behaviour; Icecap Reduction.

18. The Future of Food Production:Irrigation; Reading the Landscape; Biological agriculture; Soil remineralisation; Organic farming; Permaculture; Biodiversity; Biodynamic agriculture. 

19. The Big Picture: Holistic View; Search for Meaning; Holism in Society; Sacred Chaos; Water as Teacher; Water and Consciousness. Water as Spiritual Mediator.

Appendices: Water & Health; Water purification, Filters; Requirements for Living Water; Water Restructuring; Anomalies of Water; Using Water at Home; Meditating with Water. 


This is the most comprehensive, deep and lucid treatment of the role of water within our bodies and in the environment. Based on more than a century of scientific study, much of which hasn’t been recognised by mainstream scientists, Bartholomew’s magnum opus argues convincingly that water is the most life-giving and life-enhancing substance known to humanity. We can either destroy ourselves and our surroundings by polluting our water or we can heal through natural processes, positive intention and vortex motion. Water has consciousness and memory. This is the most important book I’ve read in the new century and will be required reading for all my students.
Brian O’Leary (physicist & former astronaut)

The Story of Water is a passionate attempt to stop taking water for granted and to give it the attention – and respect and even love – it deserves……. It covers just about everything you would want or need to know about this most precious element. The book is encyclopaedic in scope, testament to Bartholomew’s long and deeply – researched interest in the subject……… The Story of Water is a thought provoking book which should be read widely.
New View

Alick Bartholomew has done a great service to us all by putting the fundamental issues of water so clearly and lucidly in front of us. His ‘Water Story’ is a perfect guide to show us the way to put right our broken relationship with water. This is one of those rare books which brings science, spirituality and practicality in one integrated whole.
Satish Kumar, Editor Resurgence

Written with love, enthusiasm, inspiration, and a considerable amount of erudition. Like water, it flows into all sorts of unexpected areas. Accessible and informative, it should do well.
Jane Cobbaldauthor of “Viktor Schauberger, a Life of Learning from Nature”

In a single volume, by analysing and synthesising the insights of recent research into the qualities of water that best support life, Alick has taken us a step closer to answering that most fundamental of questions, “What is Life?”!
Chris Weedon, Co-founder The Water Associoniat

The Spiritual Life of Water lays out in exacting detail what we know about water, taking into consideration all the latest scientific research. I didn’t realise how little I knew about water until I read this book, which is filled with many colour photos that help explain the magic and mystery of water.
Rahasya Poe, Lotus Guide 

Understanding the deeper meaning of water is to place ourselves into a place of spiritual connection to our source and the mainstay of our reality. “The Spiritual Life of Water” is an important book. It not only reminds us of its basic need, but it unites us to nature, mother earth, and our source.
Irene Wilson ReaderViews

Alick Bartholomew, part of the editorial team that published Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, has pulled together a whole and holistic view of out dwindling water supply. Alongside the facts, he spells out a multitude of reasons that we should wake up, pay attention, and take action to restore the finite foundation of our existence. The Spiritual Life of Water is likely to be the pivot upon which a new realisation of our connection to nature turns.
“Curled up with a Good Book”

Through a more profound understanding of the nature of water, Alick has made a very significant contribution to the emergence of a holistic world. If view, while not neglecting the ecological and political dimensions of water with which we have to deal collectively in the next 20 years. This book is essential reading for those who wish to understand the real story of water.
David Lorimer, Scientific & Medical Network Review



The Story of Water


I have a great fondness for Water Bears. Less than a millimetre long, Water Bears – or Tardigrades — clamber about like minute animated jelly-teddies in a watery micro-world, on eight stubby legs, tipped with the tiniest of claws. Endearing! But Water Bears are much more special than that. When dry conditions arrive, instead of succumbing to death, Water Bears survive by just drying up . . . completely! Well, almost. Drying to a body content of 1% water, from close to 100%, the creature transforms into a microscopic spec of organic dust, utterly resistant to drought, extreme cold, vacuum and even radioactivity. In this dormant, desiccated state, a Water Bear can survive for thousands of years! It’s a good trick if you can do it!

Yet, however remarkable the resilience born of desiccation seems, surely the greater miracle is the life that water brings! For, with even a single drop of water, the sleeping Water Bear bounces back into action, again to stride through mossy jungles. How is it that one extra ingredient has the power to awaken a mote of dust? What has happened? What is water doing? What is water that its presence facilitates and empowers life?

The Story of Water sets out in answer to these questions, probing much further than merely repeating that favoured adage that “Water is Life”. Here is a tale of wholeness and connectivity told through water; of the interplay between material and non-material, enacted on Earth, yet influenced from far beyond the bounds of our planet.

The extraordinary subtlety and complexity of water’s roles are vividly illustrated. And having done so, the book then asks: what are the qualities of water that best support life? The quest for a comprehensive answer to this question has been the research focus of the ‘heroes’ of Alick Bartholomew’s story. By drawing together the findings and insights of these researchers into so many aspects of water’s reality, a picture emerges of a seemingly infinite array of interrelating properties and qualities, which we are only just starting to comprehend. And by analysing and then synthesising these insights within a single volume, Alick has taken us a step closer to answering that related and most fundamental of questions, “What is Life?”!

Chris Weedon
Somerset, UK
Co-Founder of the Water Association
February 2010