The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

The human being comes under two sets of compatible laws — those that apply to all of life and those that are specific to Man.

According to Nature’s laws, the purpose of human life on Earth is to strive collectively to raise the consciousness of the species in order to contribute to the evolution of a higher quality of the web of life on the planet.

The Divine dispensation has also provided Earth to be a learning environment for human striving at the individual level. This predisposes that we are incarnated into Earth life, each with our own particular potentialities and challenges. The full life is therefore one where one is not afraid to make mistakes (even gross ones) from which to learn, not about acting like a saint. The learning (metanoia) brings the greater awareness. Jesus’ teaching on this is quite specific.

    • The supreme consciousness (or God) has endowed higher sentient beings with a need for meaning, without which human beings have difficulty in striving creatively. Schauberger pointed out that the extraordinary fecundity of Nature, as indeed all her processes, are endowed with both purpose and meaning.
    • While purpose is like a community of bees at work, meaning lies in the one-ness, the unity, of all creation.
    • There is no morality in Nature, whose evolutionary imperative is part of the Divine Master Plan of creation. Similarly, Nature’s cosmic face, Gaia, is required by the Plan to ensure the most favourable environment for life on Earth, despite the Sun’s inconsistent output of energy. The Divine experiment to grant humans free will, self-reflection and a moral sensibility seems to have required periodic visitations by emissaries of the Supreme Intelligence to keep us from straying too far from a path of moral balance.
    • Viktor Schauberger had a clear understanding of the purpose of Nature. He identified evolution as the continual refinement of energies to promote greater complexity of inter-relationships; to facilitate the emergence, and to raise the consciousness, of higher life forms. Human society urgently needs to understand Nature’s imperative for diversity, in human society, in husbandry, in agriculture, fishing and forestry.
  • The idea that the Earth is sacred originates in the idea that it is brought to life by Nature, which is the mirror of the Divine — God, the Supreme Consciousness, The-All-That-Is. If Nature is imbued with the Divine, she must be omniscient on Earth. Perhaps Man’s greatest sin was to place himself above Nature who presumably has requirements of her subjects.


  • [AB 12/04]