Nature is Sacred (Resurgence)


by ALICK BARTHOLOMEW   ( ”IN MY OWN WORDS” Resurgence mag.)

 MANY YEARS AGO, when I was doing my army National Service, I was stationed in the Scottish Highlands near Inverness, where the minister of the High Kirk was a remarkable man called Rory Murchison, an untypical highland churchman. We would go walking together on the Speyside hills. Rory inspired me with his profound knowledge of how all of Nature is filled with the spirit of God, from the immovable rock to the deer roaming the hills and the clouds above our heads. I realised that I knew this in my heart.

As a book publisher, most of my books related to a spiritual quest for truth about our world and ourselves. It was in 1979, well on in my publishing career, that I was given a book in Swedish about the extraordinary life and work of the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger; here was something special I had to publish. Living Water is still many people’s favourite introduction to this new ‘Science of Nature’. As a result of this book, Callum Coats contacted me; he had spent three years in Austria studying with Viktor’s son Walter.

I commissioned Callum to write Living Energies, a major book on Viktor Schauberger’s work, which took eighteen years to write and which was followed by the Eco-Technology Series, four volumes of Viktor’s own writing, that Callum translated and edited. Twenty-three years after my first contact with Viktor’s work, I realised that his insights had to be made available more accessible to a wider audience book, so my own book Hidden Nature was, with Callum’s support.

Viktor’s research began by studying the fast flowing streams in the unspoilt Austrian Alps, where he worked as a forest warden. From his insights into water as a living organism, which he called “the blood of the Earth” came his nickname “the Water Wizard”. He became a self-trained engineer, eventually learning that Nature through implosion or centripetal movement, which releases energy 127 times more powerful than conventional power generation.

What really excited me about Schauberger’s science is its uncompromising explanation of this as a sacred process. Viktor describes Nature as purposeful, and evolution as the continual refinement of energies to promote greater complexity of inter-relationships, to facilitate the emergence, and to raise the consciousness, of higher life forms.

All of creation is imbued with the spirit; even a stone displays a living energy. Nature is the mirror of the supreme consciousness, and Schauberger recognised in Nature the kind of omnipotence that religions ascribe to God. This is little different to what humanity has believed through 99% of our time on Earth, but its implications for our present civilisation are enormous. We need to accept that we are indeed part of Nature, and subject to her laws.

This is contrary to the scepticism of our current materialistic science, which has little room for meaning and purpose. Yet, science too, has begun to rediscover holism, particularly through quantum physics and holistic biology. Conventional science [there are different kinds of science!] recognises certain natural laws which apply to the material world, but fails to see that they often become invalid in an energy dimension higher than the physical. The Second Law of Thermodynamics, for example, says that all systems degenerate into chaos. Schauberger discovered that a system can in fact generate energy spontaneously, and once started, no further energy input is necessary. This was the basis of his ‘free energy’ machines.

Viktor was much influenced by Theosophical thinking, from which he derived his hierarchy of energies and consciousness. We inhabit the physical, third dimensional level, and we can become aware of the greater insights of higher levels like the fourth and fifth only by raising our consciousness. Viktor continually remonstrated that, in order to understand Nature, we have to “think an octave higher”.

Schauberger describes how Nature requires a state of balance between species, between different qualities of energy and between environments. Yin and yang, negative and positive, feminine and masculine are always present in Nature’s processes. For the last 3,000 years, and increasingly in recent centuries, human society has been out of balance, operating in a predominantly masculine mode. There should be balance between chaos and order, egoism and altruism, quantity and quality (the last a particular confusion of our present society!).

He found that all life forms respond to each other by means of resonance — ‘Gaia’s glue’. It is the language of communication and response. Resonance is what holds Nature together; it is the law of attraction, bringing the lichen to the rock, the orchid to the tree, the butterfly to the buddleia. The quality of life is supported by vibrational energy. When this energy is compromised, the result is environmental decline. All life is also in motion, the quality of the movement determining whether a process is life-enhancing or shrivelling.

His work with water is fascinating. He found that water acts like a magnetic tape; it can carry information that may either enhance or degrade the quality of organisms. He foresaw that deforestation would deplete the world of water and destroy fertility, causing deserts and climatic chaos. Water is the medium that supports, maintains and regulates life and natural forests are the cradle of high quality water; loss of forests means loss of water. Our failure to understand the need to protect the quality of water is the principle cause of environmental degradation on this planet.

Schauberger’s insights into how Nature works are essential to show us where we have gone wrong and to indicate the way ahead. “How else should it be done?” he was often asked. His answer was straightforward and uncompromising: “Exactly the opposite way that it is done today!”


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