Intuition & Guidance

                                    Intuition and Guidance,    by Alick Bartholomew

‘The sixth sense’ and ‘the inner voice’ are subjects that fascinate people.  Perhaps quantum physics can give us some clues, for it studies phenomena that are not governed by Newtonian physics — that are beyond locality and time.  It envisages that space is filled with energy which is a kind of communication system that interconnects all of life.

Our normal lives are run on everyday consciousness. We all experience the unconscious when we dream. Even the most materialistic people who don’t believe in ESP are intuitive and are sometimes aware of synchronistic events.

Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Roberto Assagioli and other was spiritually aware psychologists identified different levels of the unconscious, a hierarchy than spans from the most base and threatening up to the highest, almost God-like state of complete awareness.

But what of the sense of guidance?  One might suggest a simple distinction between an experience that seems to be part of our identity, and one which feels separate, like an external identity. Traditionally, the external one may be hearing voices or sensing a presence, maybe of God, of angelic beings, nature spirits or personal guides.  These may be susceptible to self-deception, disturbed psychological states, etc. Sometimes they may appear quite authentic.

Those that might be thought to be part of us include ESP, intuition, knowingness; perhaps also a sense of discrimination in an experience of dowsing.  Perhaps the most interesting of these inner-directed senses are what Jung and Assagioli called the ‘higher self’. This is described as being beyond time and space (quantum-like) and of being closer to the Divine then our ordinary consciousness. Occasionally people feel they can have a conversation with their higher self, but guidance comes mostly in the form of intuition.


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