Hidden Nature

Hidden Nature
The Schauberger Keys
HIDDEN NATURE – The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger
Foreword by David Bellamy OBE
by Alick Bartholomew (with Callum Coats)Revised edition 2005 – Oversized p/b (240 x 208mm) – 284pp – 72 illusViktor Schauberger (1885-1958) made an extraordinary contribution to knowledge of the natural world.He provides us with a comprehensive and holistic approach to understanding Nature. His insights form the foundations of what might be called a ‘science of Nature’. He intuited what we now recognise as the quantum or subtle energy effects of water.

Schauberger’s understanding was built up from shamanic and experiential observation of Nature in the untamed Alpine wilderness. His motto: “Observe and Copy Nature”. He demonstrated the Gaia principle a generation before James Lovelock, and 70 years ago predicted global warming, which he believed would be followed by a return to the ice age.

He was critical of textbook theory, of the arrogance and lack of imagination of ‘experts’. He refused to go to college, believing that he would lose his intuitive gifts.

Schauberger is celebrated for his discoveries in the water sciences, in agricultural techniques and in the energy domain – which energies enhance and which harm life. He describes the crucial role of forests and of biodiversity for the Earth’s health and for human survival.

He found two forms of motion in Nature: outward, expanding flow that is used to break down, and inward-spiralling which Nature uses to build up and energise. We use the first to generate energy, which promotes our destructiveness of the environment.

Schauberger’s extraordinary insights and investigations into water, which earned him the nickname ‘The Water Wizard’, demonstrated the complete dependence of all life on healthy, living water and how its natural movement in spiralling vortices maintains and raises its quality.

He discovered that minute changes in temperature affect the outcome of an energetic process. Another key is that the balance between the attraction and repulsion of polarised atoms is the engine of creation.

Schauberger was also gifted with engineering skills which are apparent in his environment-friendly technology and implosive energy devices designed to release people from enslavement to destructive sources of energy.

Viktor Schauberger vividly described how our disdain for Nature’s ways will bring only environmental catastrophe.

His vision – humanity working within Nature’s laws – is the path we must rediscover, if we are to survive.

Hidden Nature is a comprehensive distillation of Viktor Schauberger’s research and inspiring theories, drawn and adapted from Callum Coats’ book Living Energies,with a good measure of Alick Bartholomew’s understanding of the historical and ecological implications of Schauberger’s worldview.

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Reviews & Commendations

“Schauberger was an untutored genius well ahead of his time. His remarkable insights and investigations into water and living energies challenge established scientific dogmas then and now. Alick Bartholomew has done an admirable job of making Schauberger’s work accessible and relevant to our age without compromising its artistic integrity. Read it for pure inspiration and for concrete ideas on disciplines as diverse as bioenergetics, consciousness, earth science, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, and many others yet to be named!”
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, biologist, author and Editor, Science in Society

“Alick Bartholomew is to be congratulated for bringing Schauberger’s vision into focus in this book and in his Schauberger Keys at the most opportune time.”
Prof. David Bellamy, botanist, author and TV presenter.

Hidden Nature is a timely book revealing a timeless wisdom requiring urgent attention. Water may seem to you so ordinary, but this book will totally transform your perception of it. After reading Hidden Nature you will know that it is the most precious substance on the Earth.”
Satish Kumar, Editor Resurgence magazine

“The book is fascinating and thought-provoking and I closed it with a sense of wonder at the intelligence and intention hidden within the ways of the Earth and Nature.”
Reforesting Scotland

Summaries of Viktor Schauberger’s world-view and his insights into “how Nature works”
by Alick BartholomewThis revised edition presents useful summaries of Viktor’s insights and radical discoveries which make it easier to understand Schauberger’s holistic vision.Topics included: 
Towards a Science of Nature;
Viktor Schauberger’s Vision;
Keys to Understanding Schauberger;
Schauberger’s Understanding of Water;
The Forest;
The Root System;
The Metabolism of the Tree;
Nature is Balance;
Sacred Geometry;
Nature is Sacred.
+ annotated Schauberger reading list.

Schauberger’s research challenges us to undertake a complete about-turn in our world view. Compiled from notes made during the writing of Hidden Nature, and published separately to assist understanding of the wider implications of his research.Revised ed., August 2003, 238 x 167mm; 20pp, 14 illustrations,

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Part One: An Alternative World-View
1. Schauberger’s Vision
2. Different Kinds of Energy
3. Attraction & Repulsion of Opposites
4. Nature’s Patterns & Shapes

Part Two: How the World Works
5. Energy Production
6. Motion, Key to Balance
7. Atmosphere/Electricity

Part Three: Water – the Source of Life
8. The Nature of Water
9. Hydrological Cycle
10. Formation of Springs
11. How Rivers Flow
12. Supplying Water

Part Four: The Life of Trees
13. The Role of the Forest
Tree Metabolism

Part Five: Working with Nature
 Soil Fertility and Cultivation
17. Organic Cultivation

Part Six: The Energy Revolution
18. Harnessing Implosion Power
19. Viktor Schauberger & Society

Table of Contents:
Appendix – Implementing Schauberger’s vision
Endnotes, Resources, Bibliography
List of Illustrations


Hidden Nature has astounded me; it may be the simple way you explain astonishing facts, or the way you avoid sensationalism when putting over sensational ideas, or the overwhelming clarity of your thought processes. Your words floated into my being like the sweetest raindrops falling on parched earth, slowly and with difficulty at first, but soon easily absorbed. After a lot of despair, loose ends and fruitless search for answers over the years, it has all come together thanks to your book, and I now understand how humanity has gone wrong. I feel that a truth, long withheld, is known again at last.”   
Erik Thomas

Hidden Nature is a comprehensive breakdown of Viktor Schauberger’s stunning ideas and observations. Alick Bartholomew strips away the complexity of Callum Coats’ book Living Energies, in order better to understand Schauberger’s main themes. It will certainly transform your views on water. The graphics are the clearest I’ve seen in any book on Schauberger. I highly recommend it if you want to learn about Schauberger´s natural science.”
Amazon UK 

“Viktor’s thinking was prescient of the emerging ecological and spiritual world-view and can act as a source of inspiration for a sustainable 21st century vision. Alick’s book, with its readable text and informative illustrations, provides an essential primer.”
David Lorimer, Editor, Scientific & Medical Network Review

“Congratulations on Hidden Nature. I think it is excellent. It should do much to make Viktor Schauberger more accessible to the intelligent reader”
Jane Cobbald, Implementations

“If you’ve had enough of the mechanistic world view and are looking for an alternative approach that’s based on a real appreciation of Nature’s workings, this is the book for you.”
Nexus magazine


“I like the layout and information in your book, Hidden Nature, much better than any of the Coats’ books. Much more concise and thorough; a very good read.”
Frank Germano, American Schauberger networker

“Not only stimulating and thought-provoking, but everything is so coherent; every word is important; it made me think of a precious stone”.
Maria Verhofstede, France

“Your book is truly excellent, I must say I really enjoyed reading it. I think your own contributions to how Victor’s ideas fit in with our current ecological dilemma makes the book a better read than Living Energies. It is far easier to condense theories and ideas from your book than Callum’s, and contains better graphics.”
Steve Bohm, Ecology student

“I think your book´s really good. I think you have progressed the Schauberger cause well and in an appropriate way – you’ve provided what is needed. And the diagrams are a great improvement on what’s happened before. I think you’ve anchored it well to the present day, by bringing in recent thinking and also by the way the book is framed.” 
Palden Jenkins, author, and editor who worked on the early Schauberger material




Readers’ Reviews of Hidden Nature on Amazon

***** One of the best books on Schauberger
by Frank D. Germano (Dickson City, PA)Alick Bartholomew has done a fantastic job in the writing of this book. While the few other books on Schauberger, most notably the books Living Energies, and the Eco-Technology series from Callum Coats, and of course, Olof Alexandersson’s Living Water (the original pioneer) dissect Schauberger’s work…Alick puts it in simple, easy to read and understand words.Many times I found that Coats’ literal translation from German to English a bit much to take. Bartholomew takes all of Schauberger’s conceptual ideas, and breaks them down into a series of (shall we say) modern English, comprehendible, and brilliant formats. The work is quite simply excellent. There were a number of times when I read through Callum Coats writings and was left with an unmistakable feeling of “what the heck did I just read…!” Not so with Bartholomew’s writing.I am not trying in any way to detract from buying one of Coats’ books – they are a wealth of information, and the work is simply outstanding. What Bartholomew has done with HIS book, is put it in language that anyone can easily understand and comprehend in its entirety. The book is very well written, the illustrations are excellent and all-in-all, it’s probably the best book to start with in your exploration of Viktor Schauberger.

***** Author’s Comments

As a publisher of mind-body-spirit books for 35 years, I felt that of all the books I had published, the 6 books on Viktor Schauberger’s insights into Nature’s workings were the most significant. However, when I realised that they appealed mainly to a more specialised audience, I decided to write Hidden Nature, to bring Schauberger’s topical research up to date for a wider audience. I was part of the editorial team that published Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962, and ever since have been campaigning against our society’s violation of Nature.

***** Brilliant book summarizing Victor Schauberger’s ideas
by vortex “velox10”

Hidden Nature is a fully comprehensive breakdown of Victor Schauberger’s stunning ideas and observations. Alick Bartholomew strips away the complexity of Callum Coates book ‘Living Energies‘, and simplifies the task of understanding Schauberger’s main themes. It is presented within the context of our unfolding ecological drama. Terence McKenna once said that our attempts to combat global warming and environmental degeneration were ‘like trying to turn around a moving battleship with an oar.’ Schauberger demonstrated that suction forces are greater than explosive forces, and that nature utilizes both forces for either growth or decay. He stated as far back as 1920 that our culture would significantly reduce Biodiversity if we continued to exploit the latter energy. His central assertion was that we cannot reverse this trend with our present technology, and his understanding of the subtle properties of water and its role in the ecosystem is still groundbreaking. This book will most certainly transform you views on water. The graphics are the clearest I’ve seen in any book on Schauberger and includes an up to date snapshot of the current available technology. I highly recommended reading this book first if you want to learn about Schauberger’s natural science.

***** Hidden Truth
by T. Durbin (Bristol)

As somebody who was never interested in Science at school, this book comes as a revelation. Alick Bartholomew has done an excellent job of simplifying Viktor Shauberger’s work. It won’t take you long to grasp the basics of what he discovered…. That there are reasons why so many problems exist in our world today. Disease, war, famine, cancer, environmental/mental health issues, degradation. All our problems can now be attributed to the fact that we decided it was more in our interests to create fire and not water. In essence – Death instead of Life. But Viktor Shauberger’s understanding of Nature and motion go way beyond these simple ideas and show us an alternative way of thinking about our world and ourselves. I would highly recommend buying this book and part 1 in the Eco-technology series: Nature as Teacher: New Principles in the Working of Nature. These books together have made me open my eyes to the possibility that almost anything is possible, if only we would choose to understand and copy Nature.


***** Forty Years Too Late…
by Frank Verdi “Swami” (Tempe, AZ USA)I wish I would have discovered this book forty years ago (& 37 years before it was printed) – I do this New Age, holistic, alternative lifestyle stuff for a living & this book is far beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. How anyone can start out daydreaming on a riverbank & end up inventing a flying saucer travelling 1500 miles per hour with antigravity properties that broke through the roof of its manufacturing plant. And speaking of plants, Viktor’s tree realizations and H2O’s role on Earth is so different than anything ever conceived. And speaking of conceived, it is very straightforward to conclude that if Germany would have discovered Viktor Schauberger’s gadgets sooner, Germany would have been victorious in World War II.***** This is big – but very readable
by ptrs (Australia)Viktor Schauberger’s works are clearly synthesised into a hard to put down volume encompassing earth energies, water, plants, soil, and free energy devices. A really big book – rewriting our known science texts. Open your mind and read it – i am sure it will challenge your notions of the world. A good primer for reading more of Schauberger’s works.

***** Water… It’s Alive!
by Elliot Malach “The Unknown Surfer” (Galveston, Tx)

With no formal training in the sciences, Schauberger made a “spiritual” connection with Nature. He understood that the Universe is not complex, and the Laws of Nature are actually very simple, since the highest wisdom passes directly from the brain into the heart. This allowed him to understand how human interaction is destroying Nature, and how balance could and should be maintained so everything would flourish. “Highly ordered systems lose stability when their environment suffers deterioration.” He predicted that a decrease in biodiversity in nature would lead to an increase in violence and a degeneration of spiritual qualities in humans. He also predicted how deforestation would lead to more violent weather worldwide. I think we’ve proven these predictions as accurate, and they were made before Al Gore was even born. But, like other visionaries who challenged the establishment, Viktor posed a threat to those who benefited from the status quo. From their perspective Nature exits to be manipulated and exploited for the “benefit” of humanity. There is no accountability. The book is divided into sections dealing with water, trees and energy. Some of this gets moderately complex, but understanding the exact workings of how a tree pumps sap based on temperature gradient is not necessary to comprehending the basis of balance in Nature. The most fascinating discussion involved water, and the fact that it is a living entity.

***** The power of living water
by Baer (Tempe AZ USA)

An absolute must read to understand the power of nature and water in particular. Water is my main focus for staying healthy and finally found a revolutionary device that is creating high energy living water for me on the basis of Victor Schauberger’s incredible insights way ahead of our time.

***** The best book ever on how everything works
by Steven J. Swanson (Murray, UT United States)

You will have a very comprehensive view of how the world works after reading this book. Amazing amount of information in this book.

***** First Insights 
by Alan Schutt

Having read snippets about this man for nearly a decade, I decided to buy this book. I was not disappointed! It’s a kind of biography of a man who much like Tesla, was way ahead of his contemporaries, and sadly whose ideas were suppressed and later fell into relative obscurity. Not only was his intuitive science paradigm shifting, but his philosophy is instantly appealing and rings true – dead centre. In fact the more I read the more I realised how he was summing up intuitive feelings I have had since an early age about the wrong way that we are all collectively going. The author has done a fantastic job of making the ideas of a genius approachable to anyone. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in sustainability, ecotechnology, organic agriculture and the wonders of Nature!