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The Story of Water

THE STORY OF WATER – Source of Life 336pp; 8pp colour, 27 b&w ills (UK edn £12.99)    [BUY NOW]          or
THE SPIRITUAL LIFE OF WATER – Its Power & Purpose 364pp; 16pp colour, 27 b&w ills (US edn $19.95)   [BUY NOW]
by Alick Bartholomew (2010)
Foreword by Chris Weedon

This breakthrough book recounts the extraordinary role of water in creating and sustaining life. How it stimulates evolution and balances the environment, encouraging greater complexity, interdependence and integrity in all of creation. Includes practical material on the causes and likely outcome of the coming world crisis with water, some of the solutions, and accessing living water for our health.

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The Water Keys


Alick Bartholomew – 30pp. 5 illus.

Some salient points from themes in the book, intended as an aide-memoire or a landscape view. Headings: Water & experience; Properties & characteristics of water; Resonance & sensitivity; Water’s cosmic nature; Schauberger’s insights; The water cycles; Polarity; turbulence, chaos, fractals & the vortex; Quantum water; Water & communication; New biology & memory; Evolution; Holism & water’s purpose; Environmental issues & climate change; What water can teach us.

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Hidden Nature

HIDDEN NATURE – the Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger
Alick Bartholomew (2003) – 284pp. 72 illus.
Foreword by David Bellamy OBE
Revised edition 2005

Written for the general reader, it covers the whole of Schauberger’s extraordinary research into how to work with Nature: the purpose of evolution; the role for life of living water; trees as biocondensers of energy; improving fertility and cultivation; understanding climatic and environmental issues; his work with free energy machines and energy generation.

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The Schauberger Keys


by Alick Bartholomew

softcover booklet – 20pp. 40 illus.

This revised edition presents useful summaries of Viktor’s insights and radical discoveries which make it easier to understand what Schauberger’s total vision embraces. The headings include: Vision, Water, Energy, Forest, Trees, Sacred Geometry, Resonance etc.., which represent a complete shift in our world view. Compiled from notes made during the writing of Hidden Nature, and published separately to assist understanding of the wider implications of his research.

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Living Water

LIVING WATER- Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy
Olof Alexandersson (1982) – 9th printing – 162 pp. 53 illus.

From his discoveries of the mysteries of how living water behaves, and what it needs to stay healthy and perform its role of bringing life and nourishment to all living things, Schauberger became known as the ‘Water Wizard’ A good book with which to start. Easy to read, with biographical material onViktor Schauberger, offers an overview of Viktor’s theories about water. Written 25 years ago in Swedish, it will make you want to learn more.

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Living Energies

LIVING ENERGIES – Viktor Schauberger’s brilliant work with Natural Energies Explained,  by Callum Coats, (1996) – 5th printing – 320 pp. 218 illus.

Coats worked with Viktor’s son Walter for several years, and translated all of the Schauberger archive. Living Energies is a comprehensive distillation of Schauberger’s research, putting it in the context of the scientific worldview. Taking 15 years to write, it is, in itself, an impressive piece of creative research and is regarded as the most authoritative work on Schauberger’s Eco-Technology. It has helpful illustrations and charts.

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Viktor Schauberger

VIKTOR SCHAUBERGER – A Life of Learning from Nature
Jane Cobbald (2006) 170pp. 15 illus.
Foreword by Alick Bartholomew

This latest addition to the Schauberger archive evaluates his research. It has a perceptive portrait of Viktor, with insights into his personality and his mind. Particularly good on the subtle energies of life, how things grow, and the archetypal forms and shapes that guide creation. Includes an interview with Ingebourg Schauberger, Walter’s widow

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THE ECO-TECHNOLOGY SERIES is a collection of all Viktor Schauberger’s accessible writings, taken from his books, magazine articles and private correspondence ― translated and edited by Callum Coats, and published in four volumes

 The Water Wizard

THE WATER WIZARD – The Extraordinary Properties of Water [Volume 1]
Viktor Schauberger – (1998) – 256 pp. 33 illus.

Fascinating for anyone with a specific interest in the extraordinary qualities of water in its living state. How water’s natural pulsation is affected by temperature and movement. It includes discussion of the deterioration of water, problems with water supply and delivery, and much on river flow and river regulation.

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Nature as Teacher

NATURE AS TEACHER – New Principles in the Workings of Nature [Volume 2]
Viktor Schauberger – (1998) – 192 pp. 9 illus.

Gives insights into Schauberger’s thinking about natural laws and the errors of civilisation. How Viktor discovered new principles of working with Nature. More on the creation of water, and what we need to learn about energy and natural motion.

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The Fertile Earth

THE FERTILE EARTH – Nature’s Energies in Agriculture, Soil and Forestry [Volume 3]
Viktor Schauberger (2000) 220 pp. 16 illus.

Contains Schauberger’s writings on trees and forestry practice, fertilisation of the soil, bio-dynamic agriculture, the failure of present farming methods, composting, fertility and subtle energies in Nature.

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The Energy Evolution

THE ENERGY EVOLUTION– Harnessing Free Energy from Nature [Volume 4]
Viktor Schauberger (2000) – 278 pp. 61 illus.

Viktor Schauberger writes about some of the principles behind the different kinds of devices he developed: for producing ‘ennobled’ spring water, a home generator, an air conditioner, and a perpetual motion suction-based implosion machine, all based on ‘free’ energy.

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Hunt For Point Zero

THE HUNT FOR ZERO POINT- One Man’s Journey to Discover the Biggest Secret since the Invention of the Atom Bomb.

Nick Cook (2001) – 293 pp. 16 illus.

An exciting quest, by a veteran aeronautics consultant, for a breakthrough in aircraft propulsion through anti-gravity. He is particularly interested in what happened to the secret German wartime developments, and found that Viktor Schauberger was the real pioneer of anti-gravity and fuel-less flight.

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Your Body's Many Cries For Water

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj

Body thirst signals and the damage chronic dehydration can cause. A preventative and self-instructive manual for those who prefer the logic of the natural and the simple in medicine.

60pp. p/b £13.50 (US $19.00) + p&p   [BUY NOW]

Sensitive Chaos

SENSITIVE CHAOS – The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air
Theodor Schwenk

The laws revealed in the subtle patterns of water in movement are shown in this thought-provoking work to be the same as those perceptible in the shaping bones, muscles and many other forms in Nature. Inspiring portal into the workings of Nature and of the influences of planetary, solar and cosmic energies on life on Earth. A classic!

233pp (124 drawings, 89 full p photos) p/b £19.50 (US $28.50) + p&p  [BUY NOW]