Ascension                 by Alick Bartholomew

Eighty years ago, Viktor Schauberger predicted that modern human culture’s destruction of biodiversity and of the creative energies of Nature would result in greater violence and depravity in society.  One finds biodiversity in a mature forest, but not in monocultured tree plantations; in a natural stream, but not in an ‘improved’ one.  He said that if we were to heed what Nature requires of us, we would witness a reversal of this observable deterioration of human society, and a gradual coming back into balance of a humanity that would then be able to live harmoniously with Nature.

In many indigenous cultures, traditions of Earth renewal go back thousands of years.  They were encoded in early Christian texts, but purged by the Nicea Council in AD325. The Isaiah Scroll from the Dead Sea prophesied that the Earth would enter at this time a period of enormous evolutionary change.  About 1500BC, the Mayans developed a complex calendar that predicted the end of our age in 2012. The Bible Code also highlighted the years preceding 2012 as a period of turmoil and cleansing, with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

We have been moving out of the Picean Age into the Age of Aquarius which will introduce higher energies, demand adaptation and response from all creatures and organisms, and which particularly will put pressure on humanity to come back into balance. These energies are disrupting the mind-set of the Picean Age, causing fears of the loss of control. It so happens that the destructive activities of humanity are peaking at the same time, exacerbating the natural changes, making the transition more stressful for all of creation.

A preparatory initiation for humanity’s transition occurred in August 1987. The Harmonic Convergence, as it was called, introduced a new creative energy or consciousness into humankind, which has been working like a yeast. Many children born since that time seem to have integrity to recognise truth that older generations generally lack.

It would seem that the 25 years (1987 – 2012) would see the build-up of the forces of human hubris, naked power and materialism, to a point where it would collapse in a self-destructive implosion. Bryan Appleyard writing recently in The Sunday Times (“Waiting for the Lights to go out”, 16 Oct ’05), came to the conclusion, along with an increasing number of commentators, that our society is doomed. He wrote that many experts have noted a slow-down in innovation — “we don’t seem to have enough ideas about how to fix any of the emerging crises”. Could it be that reductionist (Piscean) solutions to problems will not work any more in the new age’?

We are facing a situation of tremendous opportunity. We have the choice to throw off the limitations of our narrow, fearful, materialist view, obsessed with the past, and to open our eyes to the wonder of creation so that we can begin to resonate with the pulse and rhythm of life.  The rising energies of the Earth are likely to bring about the collapse of the negativity that we are witnessing in full strength today. Those who are preparing for a change of consciousness (metanoia) would be the ones called to help with this rebirth.

This transformation, I believe, is the meaning of what is called ‘Ascension’, not the ‘rapture’ of the elect to another planet, leaving the Earth to mammon, proclaimed by some charismatics.  It is the Earth that is ascending and humanity is being called to ascend with her.  We have only 6 years until the much-noted threshold of 2012. No-one knows what will happen then, but if sufficient numbers of people engage in an Earth healing process, perhaps Gaia will respond by moderating her cleansing, so that a smaller and more conscious humanity is given a new chance to become responsible stewards of a more conscious Earth.  This is our birthright, and is how spiritual values could affect the uncertain future.

Many traditions say that God cannot directly influence events, but that we are his/her hands on Earth. Nature is the reflection of the Divine and, working with Nature, we can be channels for healing the Earth, and for conflict resolution.  In the 1970s and ‘80s, Sir George Trevelyan, inspired orator and seer, taught us that Man’s purpose is to mediate between the angelic and devic realms, and what Earth stewardship really means.  He led us on pilgrimages to sites in Cornwall sacred to St Michael and showed us how to visualise the Christ energy in our lives. He was a pioneer of this important spiritual endeavour, and his Wrekin Trust initiated thousands on the path of Earth healing and personal transformation. This kind of work is vital today.

One of the cornerstones of esoteric teaching is ‘the ageless wisdom’ brought through Alice Bailey. The schools she started offer classes for the new group of world servers who are preparing to assist in Earth healing. There are other groups with similar aims.

One of these supports the healing work of Marusu Emoto. He leads groups to heal polluted lakes, and produces frozen ice crystal samples of the water, showing the effectiveness of prayer on water quality. Other groups will heal the water table and the earth energy lines.

Water holds the key to Earth healing, for it is a sacred substance that is not only the carrier of life, but of higher energies and, remarkably, of consciousness.  We must be open to what water can teach us. Viktor Schauberger, who was known as “The Water Wizard”, would ask the stream to tell him what it needed to be healthy.  We should learn about the subtle energies of Nature, for it is they that are formative and creative. Matter is frozen energy — the waste products of the creative process.

We must learn to be more respectful of all creation, in the growing awareness that all of life is interconnected and interdependent, and that practising a positive, loving feeling towards all forms of life and people is the leaven of transformation.

We must put into practice the nature-friendly appropriate technology ideas of Ernst Schumacher, and the simple living spiritual initiatives of Horace Dammers. Eco-communities, which are being formed all over the world, will be a bridge to group survival. A spiritual foundation is essential if they are to succeed. Perhaps you can help create more awareness in your community or village of the impending changes and the need for cooperative ventures. We should each seek out fellow souls to share our journey and groups from which to learn the skills we shall need and with whom to engage in healing work.

We must learn new ways of praying and meditating in larger groups. The palpable energy one can feel in many old churches testifies to the power of prayer. We must believe that we can help to calm catastrophic events. We must learn to make our lives sustainable and to practise self-sufficiency, skills that will soon become essential for survival.

Personal and planetary healing are inextricably interwoven. We must feel the need to change our worldview to an acknowledgement of the spiritual nature of all of life. We might look for ways to fine-tune our intuition and sensibilities. Above all, we must learn to reconnect with our Source, and rediscover the Cosmic love that pours out from the Divine to give us our sense of meaning and connectedness.

We are moving into a world space where the heart takes precedence over the intellect. Perhaps it is true to say that this process of destructive global warming cannot be moderated unless a sufficient number of people go through Blake’s “doors of perception”, which would involve complete acceptance of the meaning of the transition.

With the coming of the Aquarian Age the Earth will attain an energy level when she will be ready to receive the healing and balancing that it was always humanity’s destiny to channel.  The new energies may raise spiritual consciousness and action of humanity that can help the Earth make the transition safely to the higher level of being of the fourth dimension, which promises for humanity a wider range of perception and abilities than we can presently imagine. The angelic realms, the great company of universes and the Almighty will rejoice when this has been accomplished!

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