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How can the present World Crisis be Resolved? (NEW)

The Story of Water:
Water & the Role of Polarities in Nature (NEW)
What Water can Teach Us
Spirals, the Vortex and the Egg
The Old and the New Biology
What is Living Water? from Caduceus Magazine, 2007
The Importance of Water for Health from Acres Magazine, USA

The Science of Nature:
“Viktor Schauberger” in 20th Century Visionaries, Green Books 2007
The Evolution of Life and Earth, Sci. & Med. Network Review, Winter 2006
Towards a Science of Nature, Sci. & Med. Network Review, Spring 2004
Do Man’s Actions affect Climate Change? website piece
A Nature Centred Worldview Network Review, Oct 2003
Remembering Nature (2003)
Why is Water Important website piece

Book Publishing:

Six Publishing Anecdotes (1953-2003), highpoints in a half a century of publishing.
The Story behind Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Smith's Trade News)

More Personal:
Science & Spirituality
The Spiritual Path
Nature is Sacred "In My Own Words", Resurgence, Aut. 2004


Kombucha Tea for your Health & Healing: by Alick & Mari Bartholomew: The most in-depth guide to its home brewing. (Gateway Books 1991)
Crop Circles - Harbingers of World Change:
a summary of research of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies: ed by Alick Bartholomew (Gateway Books, 1991)


Mae-Wan Ho's Quantum Jazz Video: showing the pulsating movement of live larvae: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xKL4IPVZOM

APA - Water, The Great Mystery: Russian & East European research into Subtle Energies in Water: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKLO3eQ81tc Parts.1-6

Grey Braden shows how the vibrational energy patterns recorded in a person's intercellular water change in line with his mood swings: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R7uSlSFJbE