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Alick Bartholomew
You can see from other writings on the site that my love of the natural world began when I was young (Alick’s Bio). I became increasingly disturbed by the harm our wealthy and arrogant society is doing to the environment and felt I must voice the dangers of our misguided world-view.

Within one generation, what seemed first like a simple change in society’s values towards a more materialistic emphasis, had suddenly turned into a fully-fledged crisis. We are stumbling into an ecological apocalypse.

In our ignorance of the role of life in maintaining a stable climatic environment and of the importance of biodiversity in the oceans and on land, we cannot see that a new mass species’ extinction is upon us (the last was 70 million years ago ‒ the dinosaurs).

I believe that this was initiated through our ignorance of sustainable ecology, and is being perpetuated by our appalling land use practices and damaging self-serving technologies. Viktor Schauberger warned that our interfering with water’s natural rhythms would bring world ecological disaster. (
Schauberger’s Vision)

Humanity faces its own nemesis through the plunder of the Earth’s fossil fuel resources which has produced a six-fold increase in the world’s population and which is now bringing accelerating climate change (mostly human induced), which will severely limit our ability to grow sufficient food.

I felt I could contribute to the positive changes sweeping through society with my own publishing programme — in the 1970s with
Turnstone Press and in the 1980s and ‘90s with Gateway Books (Six Publishing Anecdotes) ― and then through writing my own books.

My lifelong concern, both as writer and publisher, has been to reconcile scientific enquiry with a spiritual worldview (
Science & Spirit). Investigating water at a deep personal level became a quest that inspired my latest book, The Story of Water.

In my 80s, one might be allowed to be a bit eccentric. In my case, maybe I can get away with speaking my truth in a way that might have caused some embarrassment earlier.

I have had, as long as I can remember, a desire to discover something of the purpose of life on Earth. This impulsive searching carried through my half-century in publishing. Our generation today is being challenged probably more than any has in the past. I try to throw some light on our situation by asking some eco-psychological questions (
see: "How can the present World Crisis be Resolved?")

This website tells you ‘where I’m coming from’ (
Nature is Sacred). I’m delighted to share it with Viktor Schauberger, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude.